Love, Joy, Peace...

Living A Life Of Hospitality

Love must be sincere…Practice hospitality…

Romans 12

Two Types of Hospitality

1. Invite Then Into Your Heart

2. Invite Them into Your Home

Invite Them Into Your Heart

An unfriendly person pursues selfish ends…

Proverbs 18:1


Be aware of the people around you

-We have lots of opportunities if we open our hearts


-Become an expert at introducing yourself to people

-Body language:


Look them in the eye

Speak confidently

-Learn to ask questions to get to know people (one of our sessions today)


-Find common interests and connections

-Invite them to join what you are already doing - eating, studying, hobbies, etc.

Invite Them Into Your “Home”

Intentionally Planning Hospitality:

-Create a rhythm of hospitality

Bi-Monthly Dinners

Quarterly “events” - cookout, football party, bonfire, game night

-Team up with other people/families to organize these opportunities

Intentionally Practicing Hospitality:

Invite them into your home

-If your current life-stage isn’t conducive then be creative - picnic in a park, coffee at a coffee shop, game night at the “Board Room”

Practicals for Invitations

-Set up a date and time

-Ask if they have dietary restrictions

-Ask them to bring a part of the meal (salad or dessert)

-Send them your address

-Tell them where to park

Before they arrive…

-Prep your kids

What is happening

What is expected them

Engage them in preparing

-Clean your house

-Dress “nice”

-Prepare a simple meal

Power of a Crock-Pot

Ask people for recipes that feed a lot f people

-Turn on lights

-Turn on light music

-Light a candle

-Close all screens - put away phones and turn off TV (unless you are watching something together)

When they arrive…

-Greet them warmly

-Take jackets if it is winter

-Offer them a refreshment

-Clearly instruct them

-Where to go, sit, stand or be

-What is the plan

-What will the kids be doing? Where?

-Where bathrooms are

-Give them a tour of your home

Over dinner…

-Explain the food plan

-Pray together

-No screens

-Ask questions to get to know them

-Invite them to join family dinner traditions (as appropriate)

Other suggestions:

-Play a game over dessert

-Do a group activity - escape room, etc

Challenge: Create and execute a summer hospitality plan. 

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