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Missions March Ideas

  1. “Pick a Country” Raffle - Do a raffle where people pay for nations (less for smaller nations and more for larger nations) and then do a raffle based on blindfold throwing a dart at a world map.
  2. Sell items on eBay - We all have “extra” laying around the house. List it! And the proceeds go to missions.
  3. Online Garage Sale - Similar idea but set a day and auction items online.
  4. Gift Card Auction - Ask people to donate unused gift cards. Then do an online auction for the cards.
  5. Wash-a-thon - Set a day and people can bring anything (dog, car, trailer) to be washed.
  6. Isaiah 52:7 Month - Fast from something and all of the money budgeted for that goes to missions.
  7. Hire-a-________ (enter your talent here) - Put yourself up for hire using whatever skill you have!
  8. Sports Pool - Run a buy-in sports pool (March Madness, NBA Playoffs, etc) with awards and the proceeds go to missions.
  9. Missions Monday Meals - For most people on earth the average meal is a cup of rice and a cup of beans. For this idea, eat rice and beans all day and donate the remainder of your daily budget to missions.
  10. What is your idea?

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March To Missions Ideas

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