Love, Joy, Peace...
The Seeking God Study
-To show how much we need God. To show how much God wants  us.  
-To give practical advice and support about how to effectively  (Biblically) seek God. 

Matthew 7:7-8  
-What does this passage promise?  
-What does that mean for you?  
-If finding God is guaranteed, then this is a worthwhile pursuit!  

Matthew 7:13-14  
-This verse seems to contradict 7:7-8. How can it be that:  “everyone who seeks finds,” but, “only a few find it?”  
-So, there is a certain way to seek God that guarantees we’ll find  him. How should we search after God to be sure we’ll find him?  
-There are only two roads. If you had to choose which road you are  on right now, what would you honestly choose? Why?  

Matthew 6:33  
-According to this verse how are we to seek? What priority is God  in our lives? What would a person’s life look like who seeks God  first?  
-Have you been seeking God first? If not, what have you put before  God? What keeps you from making God your top priority? 
-What does it mean to seek his kingdom? His righteousness? How could you start seeking his kingdom and his righteousness first?  

Luke 13:22-28 
-What is something in your life that you have made every effort at? 
-What would it look like for you to make every effort in seeking  God? 

Acts 8:26-39 
-In what ways do you see this Eunuch making every effort? How do you see God fulfilling the promise of Matthew 7:7-8? 

Key Questions:  
-God will stop at nothing to love you and be in a relationship with  you. Will you seek him first?  
-What changes will you need to make in your life to have God as  your first priority?  

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