Love, Joy, Peace...
The Word of God Study
-To show how much we need God. To show how much God wants  us.  
-To give practical advice and support about how to effectively  (Biblically) seek God. 

2 Timothy 3:16-17  
-What does it mean that “all scripture is God-breathed”? Do you  believe that the Bible is God’s perfect, inspired word? (2 Peter  1:20)  
-How could you use the Bible for “teaching, correcting, rebuking,  and training in righteousness”?  
-How will devotion to God’s Word make you ready for anything?  

Hebrews 4:12-13  
-What does it mean that the word is living and active?  How has it been alive and active in your life?  
-How is God’s word like a sharp sword?  
-Everything will be laid bare before God and we will be judged by  his word. What does that say about the importance of reading the  Bible?  
-If you met God today, would you be confident that you would pass  the test according to his word?  

1 Timothy 4:16  
-What is the difference between life and doctrine? Is one more  important than the other?  
-Can you think of an example of someone with a good life but  wrong doctrine? Is that a saving faith?  
-Also think of someone with the right doctrine who doesn’t live it  out. Will they save themselves and their hearers?  
-Why does keeping life and doctrine in check require perseverance  and a close watch?  
-Do you know if your life is in line with God’s word? What about  your doctrine?  

Acts 17:10-11  
-Here the Bible describes “noble character.” What was it about the  Berea's that stood shows noble character towards God? 
-Do you have the same attitudes and actions as the Bereans?  

Key Questions:  
-God will stop at nothing to love you and be in a relationship with  you. Will you seek him first?  
-What changes will you need to make in your life to have God as  your first priority? 
-Will you make God’s Word the standard for your life? What  changes will you need to make?
-What will be challenging about  having the Bible as your only standard? What will be
-Ask your Bible study partner to get you started on a daily Bible  study and prayer plan so you can be a Berean! (Acts 17:11)  Getting to know Jesus in the gospel of Mark or John is a great place to start!  
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