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The Discipleship Study
Some questions before you begin:  
-What sticks out to you from the last study?  
-Have you had any challenges since making the Bible your  standard?  
-What have you read since the last study? Did you take notes?  What did you learn? How were your prayers?  
-Do you have any questions before we begin?  

-To illustrate the Bible’s standard for followers of Jesus. To commit  to being a disciple of Jesus Christ.  

Matthew 28:18-20  
-According to this passage, what is God’s will for all of mankind? How would you define a
“disciple”? How does that relate to the  term “Christian”? 

Acts 11:25-26  
-The context of this verse is describing the first predominantly  Gentile (non-Jewish) churches.
-This is about 10 years into the  history of the church. This church in Antioch is the first time that the  disciples were called Christians. What does that say about the  relationship between these two words? 
-This is significant because the word “Christian” is only used three times in the Bible (Acts 11:26, 26:28, I Peter 4:16). The word  “disciple” is used 270+ times. So, to have a clear picture of what being a Christian means we must understand what being a disciple  of Jesus means. 

Three Characteristics Of A Disciple 
1. Matthew 22:36-37 - Love For God  
-Jesus shows that the most important thing is our love for God.  How do we see Jesus setting an example of loving God?  
-How has your relationship with God been? Have you been loving  Him with all your heart, soul and mind? What can you do to do so? 

2. Mark 1:14-16 - Fisher of Men  
-What did it mean for them to follow Jesus? What does it mean for  you? 
-Jesus wants to make his disciples into “fishers of men,” how will  that change your life?  
-These men were given a whole new mission in life, what have you  been living for?  
-Notice their eagerness and excitement, how do you feel about  becoming a fisher of men? How will you begin?  

3. John 13:34-35 - Love For One Another  
-This is the only new command Jesus gives in the New Testament  and the command to love one another is in the Old Testament. So  what is new about this command? 
-What are some ways that you see Jesus loving his disciples? How  can you follow his
-Is this command teaching us how to love everyone? Or is it about  the relationships between disciples?  

The Cost of Discipleship 
Luke 9:23-26  
-The context of this verse is right after Peter’s confession of belief  in Jesus Christ. Jesus goes on to teach what life as a believer will  entail:  
-What do the words “if anyone” or “whoever” tell us about who Jesus is talking to?  

-What does it mean to deny self? Have you lived a lifestyle of self denial? What will it look like?  
-What does it mean to take up your cross daily? What was the  cross in Jesus’ day? Has this been your daily lifestyle? What will  you do differently?  
-Have you completely given your life to Jesus, not only in words  and thoughts, but in action and lifestyle? How will this cost affect  your life? (Luke 9:57-62) 

Luke 14:25-33  
-What strikes you about this “if anyone” passage? What does it  mean to “hate” your family,
friends, and even yourself? (Luke  16:13) 
-Is this how you have loved God or are there “close seconds” in  your life? What things in your life are difficult to prioritize behind  God? 
-What does the first parable tell you about the seriousness of  building a relationship with God?
-Have you ever sat down and  counted the cost? 
-What is the meaning of the second parable? Who are the big and  little kings? What is the final cost of being a disciple? 
-Have you surrendered everything to God? Will he accept anything  less than 100%? What will your life look like when you give him  your all?  

Key Questions:  
-Have you been living as a disciple of Jesus? Will you be a disciple  of Jesus Christ? 
-What changes will you need to make to live by Christ’s clear call?  Who in your life needs to hear about discipleship?

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