Love, Joy, Peace...
The Cross & Grace Study
Some questions before you begin: 
-What have you been reading in your Bible?  
-Have you had any memorable prayer times?  
-Has anything been particularly difficult?  

-To personalize Christ’s redemptive work on the cross.  
-To understand our need for repentance.  

Romans 3:21-27, 4:22-25, 5:6-11 
-Salvation is by the grace of God. It was purchased through Jesus’  death. 
-What is a sacrifice of atonement? Do you know how it was  offered? Read Leviticus 4:32 
-How does that change your understanding of Jesus as your  sacrifice of atonement?  

Read the account of Jesus death in Mark 14:32-15:29 with the perspective of your hand on Jesus’ head and the guilt of your sin  transferred to him. 
-How did that change your experience of reading the account of  Jesus’ death? 

I Peter 2:22-25
-In the next study we will look more closely at this topic but in this passage how does God want us to respond to what Jesus did for us on the cross?
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