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The Repentance Study
Acts 2:36-41
-Do you know why Acts 2 is a significant chapter in the Bible?
-Acts 2 is significant because it marks the first time  salvation is preached in Jesus’ name after his death, burial and  resurrection. The Spirit has come earlier in Acts 2 ushering in the  New Covenant. Peter uses the “keys to the kingdom” to teach how  to enter the New Covenant. 
-2:36 sums up what we need to believe. What does it mean to have Jesus as Lord and Messiah?  
-2:37 tells us that the people were “cut to the heart.” What do you  think this means? What was their attitude toward the gospel?  
-2:38 answers the question, “what shall we do?”  
-If belief were enough Peter may have just told them to continue  believing. Instead, what two things does he tell them to do?  
-When a believer repents and gets baptized what two promises do  they receive?

-This study will focus on our response to grace which is repentance...what does repentance mean to you?  
-Repentance is translated in the New Testament from the Greek word Metanoia which means to change (meta) your mindset (noia) and therefore your actions.  

Luke 3:3, 7-14  
-What does it mean to “bear good fruit in keeping with repentance  (metanoia)”? 
-What does the fruit of your life say about your repentance? 

Luke 13:1-5  
-Do you remember what the wages of sin are? So it makes sense  that if we do not repent we will perish.  
-Think about your sin, in what ways do you need to change your  mindset to see things like Jesus?
2 Corinthians 7:10-11  
-An earlier letter to the church in Corinth caused them to repent.  
-Here Paul elaborates on the nature of their repentance and ours.  What is the difference between Godly sorrow and worldly sorrow? 
-Worldly sorrow leads to death (there is no repentance and sin leads to death). Godly sorrow leads to real change (repentance)  and leads to salvation. Repentance is part of becoming saved  because we are being saved from sin.  
-Look at each of the characteristics that Godly sorrow produces, how could they aid you in repenting?  
-Are you eager to do the will of God? Do you have the heart of the  Corinthians? 

Acts 26:19-21  
-Paul preached the unpopular message of repentance everywhere  he went. It remains unpopular today because it requires a sober  look and true life change.  
-Is it possible to tell if someone has repented? How?  
-Have you ever had a significant change in your behavior – a time  when many said, “What has come over you? You are different!”?  

Matthew 5:29-30 (additional passage)
-Here Jesus uses grand exaggeration to show the radical spirit that  followers of Jesus must adopt toward sin.  
-Our world teaches us that sin is okay in moderation but Jesus  teaches that we must hate sin and deal with it drastically. Do you  share God’s attitude toward sin?  
-Do you think you have repented in accordance with what the Bible  teaches? When? If not, do you want to? What will your life look  like? (Discipleship)  

2 Peter 3:8-9 (additional passage)
-Thank God for his patience! Do you know many people who have  repented in a way that matches the Bible’s standard?  
-How do you think you could help other people learn about  repentance?  

Key Questions:  
-Because God sent Jesus to die for you, will you die to your sin and repent for him?  
-What will your new life look like after you cut out the sin and add in discipleship?
Assignment: Take this week and think through the "life dominating sins" you've seen in your life and what repentance looks like. 
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