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The Counting The Cost Study
-This final study is more than just a review of what you have  learned. This should be a challenging discussion about your  new life as a Christ follower. It may benefit you and your Bible study partner to invite another experienced Christian to join you.  

Luke 9:57-62  
-This passage challenges our “arms wide open” view of Jesus. How  many of these people actually became followers of Jesus?  What kinds of things kept them from dropping everything and living  for God?  
-Is there anything holding you back from completely giving your life  to become a follower of Jesus Christ?  
-What are some things that you have given up or changed as  you’ve studied the Bible and built relationships at church?  

Deuteronomy 20:1-9  
-This powerful passage illustrates the protocol for the Israelite army  before going to war. Like many of the great battle scenes in  movies, the army was given a rousing speech by their leader.  Unlike the movies of our day, this speech almost seems de-motivational, as the army would have been inevitably thinned out  before the battle even began. We can see a great truth about God in this: Whether it’s an ancient battlefield, a first century house church or modern discipleship, God desires that his people be  completely devoted to him.  
-The result of this speech can be applied to the church today. When one of those soldiers looked to their left or their right they knew  that their neighbor was just as committed to God as they were. The discussion you have right now should serve the same  purpose.

Review and Discuss  
-Sin, Repentance, Discipleship and Fellowship 
-Anticipated obstacles or challenges 
-Implications of this decision for your life (big picture)  -Dating/Marriage/Parenting 
-Contributing to the needs of the church 
-Anything else that has come up regularly in discussion  

Key Questions:  
-Do you really think you can live as a follower of Christ for the rest of your life?  
-What will be the most challenging part of your life as a disciple? What are you the most excited about? 
-Who do you think you will be able to impact?  
-Do you have any questions about anything you’ve studied or experienced?  
-End this Bible study by having some special prayer time together. Confirm plans for baptism/membership or discuss more studies.  

What’s Next?  
-Finishing this Bible study series and becoming a follower of Christ  is only the very beginning of your growth as a Christian. Talk to your Bible study partner or small group leader about our next  series of studies that are designed to help new Christians grow  and have impact right away.  
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